You CAN Always Do Something


Do you realize how much we use the internet? Holy crap, when there is no internet, I really don’t know what to do with myself. Yes, I can go outside, workout, call a friend, read, etc., but when it comes to work it seems as though everything comes to a screeching halt if the internet doesn’t work.

After having no internet at my home all weekend, I am now sitting here at my part-time job, with no participants trying to work on weekly emails, blog posts, Facebook posts, etc. and guess what?! I can’t because the internet is down and nothing is loading!! This got me to thinking about the correlation between exercise and our every day lives.

I could have simply told myself the internet is down, screw it, I’m not going to work on anything. To be honest, that is what I had done for part of the time this weekend at home. However, when it comes to real life and exercising, there is ALWAYS going to be some sort of obstacle. When something stands in your way, are you going to say, “screw it” or are you going to focus on your CAN (what you are Capable of Accomplising Now)? Believe me, sometimes I think a giant, “screw it” is the best answer, but in most cases, we are working towards something we really want to accomplish so we need to find a way around the obstacle and focus on our CAN.

Right now I’m typing this blog in a Word document since I can’t type it on my site. I will save it and post it later. No matter what, there is ALWAYS something you CAN do. Right now, think of your biggest obstacle. Think of the GIANT one, the one that keeps you from going after whatever it is that you can’t stop thinking about. Are you injured and can’t exercise the way you want to? Are you scared to try something new? Is your biggest obstacle a voice in your head saying, “other people can do that but not me”? Whatever your obstacle is, I’m here to tell you that there is a way around it, if and only if you focus on your CAN.

Your CAN may be the teeniest step in the right direction. People always say that, “in the right direction”. The truth is that your first step or first 20 may be in the wrong direction, but that is OK!  Why?  Because as backwards as this sounds, sometimes going in the wrong direction helps us get to the right destination. What is even scarier than trying and realizing you may have gone backwards?  Staying still and wondering!  Staying still too long is the worst.  Now if you are really not sure, taking your time and making a good decision is great.  However, if it has been months or maybe even years and nothing much has changed and you are still thinking of doing something, MAKE A MOVE!


So remember, when you are at the intersection of possible and impossible, just think about what you are Capable of Accomplishing Now, in this moment.  Action is usually the best answer.  In the comments below, please share one thing that you keep thinking of trying or one small thing you are going to do to put you closer to where you would like to be. If you want to share something else, go for it. I love hearing from you and I know others love reading the comments as well! 🙂 <3

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