Whole30 Update

I’ve been thinking of writing this post for a few weeks now.  To be honest on one hand I feel pretty guilty and on the other hand I’m fine with it.  As you know, we have been doing a Whole30 Summer Kickoff Challenge at CAN Train Fitness.  Everyday I was posting a tip and also sharing my W30 experience along with a couple ladies experiences also.  If you were following along, or noticing the posts on social media, you probably realized that one day all the posts just stopped.  I did post something on facebook, but in case you missed it, here is the deal…

In the middle of the Whole30, my dad got very sick and had to go to the ER.  He was throwing up, blood pressure staying over 225/100 for hours at a time, shaking, etc.  My dad has had a heart attack, two strokes and requires 24/7 care.  There are many times that I haven’t gone home (well, my first home, back to Nebraska) when he has been under the weather.  Once I heard all of his many symptoms and learned they couldn’t get his BP down, I thought, OK I’ve gotta get there.  So, my husband and I bought flights and the three of us were there within a few hours.

All week I was staying W30 compliant although it was NOT easy.  If you have ever done a W30, you know that preparation is key and I was not prepared for this!  Although I was eating W30 compliant foods, I was not doing the Whole30 the way it is intended. I was living off things like Larabars, jerky, fruit, nuts, dried fruit, etc.  Basically I was living off all of the W30 emergency foods for the week.  Then I realized that one of the jerky bars I had been eating all week had sugar in it!  I don’t know why I assumed it was an approved food item?!

Then my dad started feeling better, was sent home from the hospital and we were able to go to the lake.  This is the first time my dad had been to the lake since before his strokes a year and a half ago.  It was also Father’s Day weekend.  He was so excited to go, he called a cafe and ordered two dozen cinnamon rolls days before we were set to arrive.  He couldn’t wait for us to eat the cinnamon rolls!

This is where I caved.  Yes, I could have just stayed the course, which I struggle with a bit since I was the one that got everyone into this W30 Challenge.  Normally I think I would have, but I simply didn’t want to put more pressure on myself.  This may be the weenie way out, but I’m just telling you what I was feeling.  I was breast feeding all week, couldn’t pump, baby not sleeping, back and forth to a hospital while trying to keep an 11 month old busy for hours at a time and off the dirty hospital flour.  I was worried about my dad…. Blah, blah, blah….. and I decided I simply was going to enjoy my time at the lake and not stress about preparing food and being W30 perfect.

It had been years since I’d been to the lake and we all had such a great time!  I must say that the lake is one of my happy places and I could have stayed for another month.  But the two and a half days we had there were wonderful and not thinking about anything besides being with all of my favorite people that weekend, in a place I’ve been coming my whole life, filled with hundreds of happy memories was absolutely wonderful.  It felt good to look around, count my blessings, relax and just breath.

Life has definitely sped up since my husband and I got married.  Sometimes when life feels crazy or like it’s going a million miles a minute, it’s OK to re-evaluate and maybe get rid of a few things that may bring you stress, even if it is prepping food.  I thought I would get through the weekend and jump right back on, but to be honest, I’m struggling with starting up again.  Not 100% sure why…. Maybe it’s the all or nothing conundrum.  Something I learned from Jill Coleman of jillfit is that, “all or nothing always ends up being nothing”.

I will be posting some W30 tips for the people who are in the middle of a Whole30 and because I promised!  I have been taught my entire life once you start something, you finish it, so that is another reason I feel extra bad about getting off track.  I’ve also been taught that things happen and all we can do, is the best we can.  Somedays that means hardboiled eggs, asparagus and almond butter.  Other days it means Starbucks and a cookie.


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