Summer Kick Off Whole30 Day 9 Tip

Preparation is key while doing a Whole30!  Throw these snacks in your bag so you don’t end up eating airplane pretzels, gas station hot dogs, or peanut m&m’s (we have been told they are the healthiest candy since there is a bit of protein in them)! 😉

Here are three of my favs for a quick snack while traveling.  Remember these choices are good in a pinch or for special occasions.  Don’t start adding them to regular meals.  🙂

These cinnamon banana chips are so good!  Only those two ingredients and the perfect amount of crunch.  Be careful!  These are addicting.  Bare Snacks have a lot of other fruit and veggie options, but these are my fav!  I’ve picked them up at HEB and Whole Foods.


I love the limited ingredients in the Larabar.  Remember, not all of them are W30 compliant so make sure you look at the ingredients.  Cherry pie is a go to for me.  Only three ingredients – dates, almonds and cherries.  Yum!  You can find Larabars at most grocery stores.

If you are looking for an easy source of protein on the go, these Nick’s Sticks are a great option.  I prefer the beef ones over the turkey, but you can try them all and decide for yourself.  These are a little harder to find.  I’ve bought them at Natural Grocers.  You can also order them online here —> Nick’s Sticks or from Amazon.

Happy travels! 🙂

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