Summer Kick Off Whole30 Day 8 Tip

I don’t hate cooking, but with a baby I’m even more about quick and easy than I was before.  So, in the interest of saving time and being able to do other things like workout, wash a million baby bottles, and shower, I will sometimes grab pre-cut veggies and fruit.  I used to grab food from Snap Kitchen all the time and am thinking about trying out one of these meal delivery services!

I used to think that buying the cut stuff or spending money on pre-made meals was a waste of money!  It is not!  Buying 4 cucumbers, never cutting them up and throwing them out is a waste of money.  Going to Starbucks 2-3 times a day to order drinks that are bad for your health is a waste of money.  (I definitely support getting Starbucks most of the time, but I’ve told you how my habit had become excessive.)  I now look at easier options as an investment in my health.  As long as I’m going to eat them, they are a great idea in my eyes.

Here are a few W30 friendly meal services.  Some will deliver straight to your door, while others you may have to pick up.  If these aren’t in your area, google W30 meal services and I’m sure you can find one close to you!


Paleo On The Go

Click on the Strict 30 option for a W30 compliant menu.


True Fare

Whole30® Plans


Snap Kitchen

Click on the Whole30 menu option.


Territory Foods

Choose the Whole30 menu.  **At checkout enter code FOOD50 to get $50 off your first order!**


Leave me a comment if you have tried any of these!  I’d love to hear how they are! 🙂  Also, feel free to comment about the other services that you have found!

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