Summer Kick Off Whole30 Day 6 Tip

You have changed up your diet and are wondering if you need to change up your workout routine also.  Some people think it is best to focus solely on the W30 the first week.  They believe that this gives your body a chance to get get acclimated to your new way of eating and that working out the second week would be better.

I say, keep going with the workouts if you feel up to it.  If you want to take the intensity down a notch because you have caught yourself eating fewer calories and carbs then you’re used to, that may be a good idea.  One thing that will really help is following the W30 Meal Planning Resource that recommends eating 15-75 minutes pre-workout.  Eat a small amount of protein and a small amount of fat for your pre-workout meal.

Whole30 also recommends eating a meal that contains protein, a carb dense vegetable and very little or no fat, within 15-30 minutes of finishing your workout.  W30 also encourages you to not use fruit as your primary post-workout carb.

Always remember to listen to your body and take breaks when needed!  There is no shame in taking the intensity down a notch until you know how you’re gonna feel with this new diet change!  🙂

Would love to hear how you feel your workouts changed while doing the W30 and if you have any questions!  Email or leave a comment below! <3

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