Summer Kick Off Whole 30 Intros & Day 1

Meet the ladies who are brave enough to not only do the Summer Kick Off Whole 30, but to share their experience also!  Currently I have three ladies who have jumped in with both feet, doing this challenge.  I will be sharing everyone’s updates daily.  We also have one or two that may be joining us next week.  Remember you can jump in anytime this month!  The daily tips will stay on the blog to help anytime you decide to give the Whole30 a try!  Introductions along with how their first day went are below.  🙂

Janna Harris, @barreinyourbedroom

I teach barre classes, drink lots of wine and coffee and have the biggest sweet tooth. Whole 30 is gonna be a blast! Lol but really it’s a great challenge and perfect opportunity to give my body a reset. I’m doing this challenge because it helps to have others to suffer (complain) with and someone to keep you accountable and on track!

Day 1

Thanks to all the tips and tricks from Jess and other friends, day 1 has been a success 💪🏽. Coffee, too many grapes and a whole 30 approved brisket hash from snap kitchen – off to a good start!

Amanda Scott

I’m a stay home mom of two (soooo glam, right?! LOL)  I am pretty active but I’ve definitely slacked in some areas over the last year or so because…life! I decided to join the W30 challenge because I’m tired of feeling sick and tired! I seriously needed to clean up my diet and learn how to make better food choices for my entire family. I’m actually cooking meals that my whole family can eat and best of all, it’s actually good for us! Mom for the win!

Day 1

Today was….okay. I am waiting on a few things from Amazon to get my coffee situation in order. I also need to figure out what I would like for breakfast because I can’t eat my usual oatmeal and cinnamon toast with eggs! I scrambled two eggs and had a half an avocado, potato “hash” and sliced tomatoes with salt and pepper for breakfast. I tried drinking my coffee black but….nah LOL! To make things worse, I’m still making regular food for my kids, so smelling pancakes and syrup was torture! But I made it. I didn’t eat again until lunch, which was chopped rotisserie chicken and avocado lettuce wraps. Not bad! I had a handful of cherries and some walnuts for a snack while I prepped dinner. I baked salmon with crabmeat in it and drizzled olive oil on some asparagus to roast it. I made a simple vinaigrette dressing thanks to the book you let me borrow and chopped some lettuce and tomatoes for my side dish. I only drank water today, surprisingly. All in all, I think today went well! No complaints yet

Ali Romans
When I saw you were going to do the Whole 30 challenge, I knew it was time to try it. I have thought about it many times due to my forehead breakouts since having Baby Brooks.  Nothing I have tried cleanser wise seems to help– and I’ve determined it has to be something I’m eating!  Also, June is not as busy as a month for us as July & August as far as vacations and special dates go, so I feel like June would be the best time to give this a go.
I am not a huge “foodie” as far as cooking and trying new things- I kind of find things that I like and stick to them.  I plan on a lot of eggs, meat, and smoothies to get me through!!
The biggest challenges for me will be no pop, beer, or special coffee drinks.  I can do this! Thanks Jess!!

Day 1

Day 1 wasn’t bad.  I do have a major headache though! 🙂    I am so glad we aren’t keeping a food diary as I have had an embarrassing amount of eggs and coffee 🙂
Stopped at Trader Joe’s and got some coconut milk. Thanks for the recipe!
I spur of the moment decided to do Whole30 because my once in a while snacks were becoming all the time.  I’ve developed a mean Starbucks habit that started with green tea and grew into full blown Iced Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato addiction.  I believe things went wrong when Janna Harris had me try a Chai Tea Latte.  It was basically my gateway drug.  I’ve done the W30 before and felt so much better when I was eating that way.  Not to mention, it made my skin look amazing!  This month I turn 35 and my baby turns one so time to make the healthier lifestyle stick!
Day 1
Day one was pretty good.  I’m sure I had too many cashews, too much decaf coffee and not enough water, but it was a vast improvement.  I’m also keeping track of my blood sugar.   I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes while pregnant and although I was told it is gone, it’s definitely something I want to keep an eye on.  After checking my blood sugar this morning, I’m extra glad I’m doing the W30!
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