Scales Are For Fish

I saw this quote earlier today and loved it.  You know when you come across something you can relate to at the exact moment you need to see it?  I had just gotten done IMing a coworker about how much pregnancy weight I had gained.  She said when you go to the doctor, look away and tell them not to tell you what your weight is.  I said, LOL, I’m weighing myself and home.  She told me to QUIT IT!  And you know what, she is right.

Do you ever think about the definition of insanity and then literally ask yourself if you are insane?  I think we have all done the same things over and over, telling ourselves that it would be different this time and hoping for a different result, without really changing too much or anything at all.  Although I am 29 weeks pregnant and want to focus on having a healthy baby, I have to admit, it is hard to gain weight.  It is hard to not feel like myself.  A couple days ago, I went for a walk and thought about crying, because if I took too big of a step I thought I might crack my pelvis.  So, what do I have the tendency to do when I feel like this weight gain is hard?  I want to go back to weighing and tracking food.  Both of which, never make me feel all that great.

I would love to hear how often you weigh?  If you are a person who weigh’s themselves at home, when do you do it?  Do you do it first thing in the morning?  Do you make sure you are completely nude and even take out your hair tie?  Haha, no joke, I used to do that!

We have all heard the reasons why the scale is not the best way to judge progress.  Pictures are better, body fat measurements are better, how you feel in your clothes is better.  So why are we catching ourselves on the scale?  For me it’s the fastest way to tell if something is working (although I know that is not what it means).  But think about it, even if you are losing water weight, it feels good to step on the scale and see a lower number.  Pictures take time, body fat measurements take time, clothes feeling better takes some time.  Getting naked and taking your pony tail holder out, just doesn’t take that long!

When I weigh, I do it first thing in the morning, before I have breakfast.  Does it ever get me motivated to tackle my day, get moving and put me in a good mood.  Not lately!  So I am going to take my co-workers advice and “QUIT IT”!  Instead, I’m going to focus on these things that will make me feel happier and more productive in the morning.  If you are finding yourself stuck on the scale way too often, you should try these things out too and see if you feel better doing them instead.

  • Get outside
  • Make a healthy smoothie
  • Meditate
  • Enjoy some tea or coffee
  • Sit down to a nice breakfast
  • Exercise
  • Stretch
  • Make the bed
  • Leave for work 10 minutes early
  • Sleep in 15 extra minutes
  • Read for 15 minutes

I’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to leave a comment, tell me about your relationship with the scale or email me your thoughts!

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  1. Lindsey Munson says: Reply

    Hello Mama to be! Scales? What’s a scale? In all honesty, and you know how honest I am…truly that honest…I have not weighed myself in 6 months! My last weigh-in on my home scale was in November for a program that required it, and boy did I love my final result (down 7 lbs). As a Mama of two babes, I have found that the scale hinders my ability to be present and that’s sounds weird but rewarding at the same time. My health comes in the form of my jeans, so (pause) if they fit right and I mean ‘right’ than I’m winning. I love to exercise and that’s never been a problem but my eating which you and I have talked about comes in spurts – super great one minute, than super awful I’ve got a full hand of m&ms and a spoonful of peanut butter (that gosh darn gooey stuff gets me every time). For me, right now in my life, I could give a rats ace about the scale…our work as Mamas weighs for than our bodies fat and for that I am carrying around an extra 40 lbs of…wait for it, resilience, strength, patience, love, quick thinking, self worth, encouragement, attitude for the negative and the positive, 8 million hugs, matches for when I need to light a fire under someone’s ass, and well the list goes on and on and on.

    Ps. Carrying my first born topped me out at 200 lb (told you I was honest). And if I’m really honest during the birthing process and what follows will drop lbs like no tomorrow (wink)…time will be your friend and you WILL get back, likely an even better version of yourself! Love you my friend. We’re walking together!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Lin! I loved everything you had to say and so appreciate the honesty! Good for you! Six months no scale sounds like a victory to me! You are right, Mama’s work far outweighs some extra body fat! Love you! Keep your helpful insights coming! <3

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