My New Fav Snack

I would love to do all of my shopping at Whole Foods, but it’s expensive and farther away, so most of the time, it gets done at HEB, which I also really like.  I love finding unexpected, new things that I love when walking down the grocery isle.

The other day I spotted this goodness out of the corner of my eye and had to have it.  At first I bought one bag, then the very next day went back and grabbed every kind off the shelf without even looking at the name. I just new I was going to like it.

It’s granola, but not!  This product is called No-Grain-Ola.  It is Paleo Certified, soy free, dairy free and has no refined sugars.  Plus, it tastes great!  I am not currently following a diet plan, but the fact that it is paleo friendly makes me happy.  I know if something is paleo, I’m likely to not feel gross about eating it later.

I strongly suggest you stop by the store and grab a bag of the Holy Coca Cacoa!  It is my favorite.  All of them are good.  I also loved the Wake Me Up Before You Coco!  I put a handful in my mouth without paying attention to the ingredients, realized it had coffee in it and had to spit it out.  I’m half way through pregnancy and although I had a good few weeks of shoveling Girl Scout cookies into my face, I’ve gotta draw the line somewhere and it ended up being caffeine.

Lazy like me and would rather wait a few days to get it mailed directly to your doorstep?  I’ve listed the website below.

Let me know what kind you try and what you think.  Happy munching! 🙂

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