My Journey To Choffy

Have you ever just had that feeling where if you do not take a mental health day and fast, you are going to lose it.  You don’t even know what losing it looks like at that point, but you know you better do something for yourself fast, because you do not feel like you are in a good place.  I had one of those days the other day.  Stuff felt like it was just piling up and I felt more and more bogged down with worries and obligations.  So, I had what my Life Friend, Erin, with Imprinted Legacy would call a “Forfeit Day”.  Well it was similar.  Forfeit Days are normally a little less planned.

So a few weeks ago, I took a Friday off and planned on doing whatever it was that I felt like in the moment.  I didn’t make a plan.  I didn’t check work emails.  I didn’t ask my husband if he had anything he wanted done.  I wasn’t making any big decisions and it felt AMAZING!  So, what did I do on this day?  I slept in, walked the dogs, had a relaxing breakfast at home and then I set out on the most adventurous part of the day.  I committed to get Choffy, no matter how far I had to go.  Are you thinking what the heck is Choffy?

Choffy is brewed chocolate.  I love anything chocolate!  I am also a big fan of Paleo and the Whole 30.  I found this drink on the Whole 30 approved site.  I have not had one ounce of coffee since finding out I was pregnant about seven months ago.  I desperately miss the feeling sitting down to a hot mug or to-go cup brings.  I close my eyes and try to stick my nose in any coffee cup that is near me, so I can breath it all in like a weirdo.  Ever since I read drinking more than two mugs of coffee per day may lead to miscarriage I haven’t touched the stuff.  I’m not fact checking here and I’m not saying that is 100% truth.  I know plenty of people that drank coffee throughout their entire pregnancy, however I wasn’t going to take the chance.

When I learned of the coffee alternative, Choffy, and found out it was chocolate, I knew I had to have it.  I didn’t want to order from the website without being sure that I liked it, so I found a coffee shop in Aledo, TX (not where I live) and set out on the 30+ minute drive.  When there are Starbucks on every corner, I feel like 30 minutes is a long way to grab a drink.  I almost said it wasn’t worth it, but I wanted to stop wondering and visiting new coffee shops is always a good time.

My 30 minute, no big deal became almost a two hour journey to get this drink!  There was an accident on the interstate and four lanes were down to one.  It took forever to get there!  I finally made it, went in, searched for Choffy on the menu and didn’t see it!  Since I’m pregnant and hormonal my first thought was, am I going to cry?  Thankfully, I asked the younger woman behind the counter if they had Choffy and she said YES!  Thank God, I didn’t have to cry, which comes way to easy for me these days.  She also followed her yes up with, it will take seven minutes for me to make it and no one really likes it.  At this point I did not care I needed it.  I said can you please make me some and she agreed.

Ten minutes later she handed me the chocolatey drink and asked if I had a punch card.  I said actually, I do not live anywhere near here.  It took me way over an hour to get here, but you see, I’m pregnant, I haven’t had any coffee in months and I just needed this.  She could not believe I came all that way and instantly turned around and poured the rest of the pot in another to go cup.  She said I’m going to give you this since we will throw it out anyway.  No one will come in and order it.  She asked if I wanted any almond milk or anything else in it.  The answer had to be no, since I am following a Paleo diet and everything was sweetened.

It took me quite a while to get home, but that was OK.  I sipped on my Choffy, which tasted like baking coco mixed with hot water all the way back to my town.  I then stopped in a furniture store I’d been wanting to check out, Hobby Lobby and the grocery store.  It was not a crazy exciting day, but it was a wonderful day, because it was all MINE.  I did exactly what I wanted to do and tried something I’d been wanting to try for a long time.  I felt so much better after that day, for many days to come.

I encourage you to take a day you can look back on and say that day was all MINE.  If you can’t fit in a day, take a half a day or a two hour adventure to checkout something you’ve been wanting to try or see.  I can’t tell you what that day did for my mood.  Why do we wait so long, till we feel like we are going to lose it before doing something small to take care of ourselves?  Please tell me about the last time you took some time for yourself to recharge your batteries (so a line my dad would say).  If you’re due, think of a plan to give yourself that much needed me time and share with me what you are going to do, in the comments below.

If you want to learn more about Choffy, visit their website at  There are different flavors and I’m still thinking of ordering some.

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