Mother’s Day This Year

I have already started this blog post once before.  I was actually quite a ways in when I decided to scrap it and do something different.  Originally, I was talking about how Mother’s Day has been since I lost my mom and how it’s a little different this year since I will be a mom in a few short weeks.  OMG!  That still sounds sooooo crazy!  I STILL can’t wrap my mind around it!  Wearing stretchy pants up to my boobs, having this giant belly, waking up to pee in the middle of the night… you think it would have sunk in by now!  Making a human and thinking about raising a child is just SO BIG.  I don’t think it’s going to fully sink in until she is here, or about five or so.  😉

So, to celebrate this Mother’s Day, I would like to share a picture of my mom and tell you one thing I loved about her.  I loved how she mailed cards to everyone.  She probably sent out over 200 cards a year, not including Christmas cards.  She had all kinds of names and years written inside the blocks of her desk calendar, she kept in the kitchen.  She wrote down everyone’s birthday, anniversary, loss of a loved one, she kept track of it all and how many years it had been.  I hate to say it but she was way better at remembering my friends anniversaries than I was, even if I was in the wedding!

My mom loved funny cards and she had boxes of cards she collected from all over, just to have.  That is probably why I can’t get enough cards.  I love sending them, but I’m not near as good as she was.  The cards I send are more I’m thinking of you today because I’m not very likely to have a card to you on time for you special day.  I like surprises and just becauses.

Before my mom passed away, she wrote a Facebook post about telling people how you feel about them, telling the ones you love how much you love them and to keep saying it.  She said you never know how much time you are going to have.  I think she did a great job of doing this daily and sending cards was just one of the many ways she showed all the people she loved how much she cared.

I would love it, if you would share one memory of your mom in the comments below.  If she is still here, please share what you love about her with her today.  If she is not, post your comment to celebrate her.  If you do not have a mom story, but have another woman who was a mother figure in your life, please share what you love about her.  I can’t wait to read the comments!  If you don’t feel comfortable posting in the comments, but would still like to share, please email  🙂

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