January 2016! BRUNCH & BURN!!

It’s the beginning of a brand new year!  Start it off right, BRUNCH & BURNing with a friend!!

Weekend Brunch & Burn’s are my favorite! Getting in a great workout, then eating with a friend at your favorite brunch spot is sure to make you feel good! Janna and I Brunch & Burn once a month. You should grab a buddy and start too! Here is how…

Step 1) Find a Brunch & Burn Buddy.

Step 2) Go to a fun place, get moving and feel the burn!

Step 3) Head to your favorite spot or try a new place to eat brunch.

My Brunch & Burn Buddy is Janna with @barreinyourbedroom. Each month we will be posting our Brunch & Burn workouts. Follow along with us by clicking the picture below and printing it off or do your own workout. Make sure to take a picture, tag @barreinyourbedroom and @cantrainfitness. Use the #brunchandburn.

Corrected Dec. Brunch & Burn


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