What Will You Do To Fill Your Well in 2016??

Picture from tiedribbon.com. Check the website out for printables!
Picture from tiedribbon.com. Check the website out for printables!

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S!!! The above is a giant picture, but I thought it was necessary seeing as though it’s 2016 and we are starting a fresh, exciting, new year! ūüôā ¬†As the NEW YEAR starts, I think we all take a bit of time to reflect on where we are at. ¬†How did last year go? ¬†What do we want to accomplish this next year? ¬†Although, it is fun to plan and work towards achieving all of our many goals, part of the excitement for me always comes from not knowing. ¬†The BEST things in my life have been unplanned and I’m very excited to see what happy surprises 2016 has in store!

I’m not really one to set a specific New Year’s resolution, mostly because there are always so many different things I want to do. ¬†However, one thing I really want to be conscious of in 2016 is keeping my well full. ¬†I recently came across this video on Facebook. ¬†Jada Pinkett Smith was asked, “How hard is it being a wife and a mom?” ¬†Although I’m neither a wife, nor a mom, (yet) ;), her answer really resonated with me. ¬†I think most women would be able to relate to her important message. ¬†Watch below. ūüôā

A few of my favorite messages from this video…

  • If you are out of balance, you can’t take care of others.
  • Before the day is done, you better make sure you take care of yourself.
  • If you are imbalanced, you start looking to others and make them responsible for your happiness.
  • You have a right to be happy.
  • We have to be responsible for our own happiness.

I’m sure that everyone knows the feeling of having their well run dry. ¬†It can be exhausting and stressful. ¬†I am all for doing for others, whether it be your friends, children, husbands, boyfriends…. I love Jada’s point though… ¬†It isn’t that we can’t take care of others at all if we are imbalanced, but we CANNOT take care of others to the CAPACITY that we would like or need to if we are not doing for ourselves. ¬†Instead of feeling selfish, taking care of yourself, recognize that when your well is full you can do so much more. ¬†Feelings of resentment and tiredness fade away and you are able to give much more and so much more freely than if you hadn’t taken care of yourself.


Think about what you can do for yourself to fill your well.  Now think of how you will feel when you have implemented some of those items into your routine.  What does it feel like to have a full well?  Now, remember how good you feel and imagine all that you can do for others?  Taking care of yourself is a form a self-respect.  Not only do you feel better, your relationships will be happier and you will be teaching/setting a great example for those around you.

I’m going to list some simple things that I am going to do in 2016 to help keep my well full. ¬†I would love to hear what you plan on doing to keep yours full as well. ¬†Please comment on this post or shoot me an email at jessica@cantrainfitness.com. ¬†HAPPY 2016!!!

  • Get more sleep*
  • Workout consistently
  • Say NO more*
  • Eat clean
  • Read
  • Get my nails done

*The most challenging ones.  Sometimes the most challenging things are what fill our well the most.

Picture found on Pinterest - sugarandsoul.co
Picture found on Pinterest – sugarandsoul.co


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