Happy New Year 2018!

I hope that you all had happy holidays and are excited about the new year ahead!  As I look back on all the events that transpired in 2017, I’m blown away and so thankful for where my family and I are today.  Last year I was pregnant, spending Christmas in the hospital with my dad that had just had a stroke, not knowing how long he would be with us.  This year I spent Christmas with my family, most of my in-laws, our little baby, my dad, our dogs and a new puppy!  All of us were together in the house where I grew up for a white Christmas.  It was so wonderful.  There are so many things about life that I never imagined both sad and amazing at the same time, but I love it.  I love every second of it!  It’s pretty crazy how life turns out, teaching you to be grateful for all the little moments along the way.  My heart was definitely full as 2017 came to an end.

I’ve been thinking a lot about New Year’s resolutions and what I want to focus on in 2018.  I used to focus on my body, trying to stick to a strict diet or a new workout plan.  Hoping the fresh new year would give me enough motivation to finally be more hard core than ever before.  This year is different.  I appreciate my body.  It birthed one of the cutest babies I have ever seen.  Maybe I feel that way because I have mommy goggles on, but I don’t care.  My body some how whipped up the most precious little girl with the sweetest face and I owe it all the appreciation in the world.  So this year will be different.

I’ve realized through life’s challenging times, my mindset has shifted.  Before I knew what it was like to lose someone close to you, I felt very positive.  If an idea popped into my head I thought about all the dozens of ways things could go right.  After, I let worry take over.  I would think it would be the opposite.  I would think that after I lost my mom and my dad had a heart attack and two strokes that I would be more courageous, witnessing first hand how short life is and how things could change in an instant.  Instead, I began trying to play things safe.  Instead of imagining how things could go right, I would prepare myself for things to go wrong.  Instead of planning my life in my head how I wanted it.  I almost started imagining all the things that could go wrong and planning ways to avoid them.

I don’t know if I’m explaining this well or if it’s making sense, but I wanted to provide some background for my biggest New Year’s resolution, which is to change my mindset!  I want to envision the life I want and go after it!  I want to follow through on ideas and not get stuck thinking of all the scary things that could happen.  I want to focus on the future instead of replaying the past.  I want to be excited, try new things, have new adventures!  I want to be more YES than what if…  Have you read Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes?  I want to be more like that!  I want to make my default mindset positive rather than instantly thinking of something scary.  So I guess my resolution is to get back to my old self in a way, closer to my old mindset.  I will let you know how it goes. 🙂

I love hearing from you all.  Please comment or shoot me an email and tell me what your resolution is?  Maybe it is to not have a resolution this year.  Maybe it is something small, or something that could totally change your life.  Let me know, I’d love to hear! As always thank you for reading and being part of the ride!  Wishing you the best year ever! <3


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  1. Lindsey says: Reply

    Five words: I am proud of you!

    Mike asked me last night while we read our books together what my new year resolutions were, I responded “I don’t have any.”. It’s not that I don’t want to improve or grow as a person, my mentality is that if I give my very best everyday, stick to God’s plan for me, and focus on what’s important I will be content and satisfied. I do set and have goals – short term and long however I perceive these as an added bonus to life.

    Love you more than words. You are beautiful beyond measure. xoxo from KS

    1. Awww! Thank you Lin! I am proud of you! I love your answer to Mike’s question! It shows to all that know you. You truly do your best and give your all everyday! You are such a gift to many! Love you tons! <3

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