Diets and Security Blankets

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.  It’s been a year since having our baby and this summer we will be taking a trip to the beach.  After having our daughter, my body did come back to feeling and looking similar to before.  Most of my friends, were like yeah, after a year you pretty much feel normal again…  To be honest, I can’t imagine feeling the exact same, as before a miniature bowling ball exited my body, but after being 40 pounds heavier than I am now, having my flip flops dig into my swollen feet and being so uncomfortable ALL the time, I’m gonna be happy with where I’m at today.

So, although I’m pretty happy, I’m still working on getting to where I want to be.  I’d like to be more toned and consistent with diet and exercise.  I’ve been having neighbors over to workout a few times a week and I love it!  That is definitely helping.  But they say “abs are made in the kitchen” and it’s a lot easier to workout with a bunch of friends, than to make good food choices 90% of the time.  This is especially true if you are tired, stressed, an emotional eater, etc.

Although I’m trying out this new nutrition coaching (which I will tell you more about in a later post), I still want to revert back to my old, all-or-nothing ways.  Once you are an All-Or-Nothinger, you will always be one.  It’s like being an alcoholic (obviously I don’t think these two are the same), you have to work on it even if it’s 20 years down the line.  At least this is how I picture it.  You constantly have to catch yourself to make sure you aren’t falling back into your old all-or-nothing mindset.  This new coaching I’m doing is designed to teach me what I need to know in regards to eating and thinking about food over a year period.  (YES, coaches need coaches too!)  A year period is a LONG time to not diet.  Although, if I or anyone else wants to get to the point where they feel confident and trust themselves around food and not live out of a tupperware container, then a year might just be what it’s gonna take.

Why do we want to revert to our old dieting ways?  Why is it so hard to be patient and learn what is best for your body by trial and error?  I think that dieting has become somewhat of a security blanket.  In the book the “The Four Hour Workweek,” Tim Ferris says that “most people would choose to be unhappy rather than uncertain.”  So instead of being uncertain about how to obtain and maintain the body we are most happy with, we choose to grab onto the security that comes from dieting.  Do we want to diet?  No?  Diets never last long term.  However, you have probably done a diet long enough to see benefits or get the results you want, at least for a little bit.  Which means, we know they “work” for a period of time.

Know what else makes us feel safe and comfortable?  It is having a plan!  So let’s say you are not currently dieting, you may think today, I’m going to eat what I want, but then I’m going to hop on ______ diet plan on ____ day.  Although, that plan is doing nothing for you and will probably fail in the end, it feels good to have a plan because you know it works.  Being on a diet, constantly planning to be on a diet or researching diets, it’s all just as bad and can lead you further and further from your true goal, which I would imagine is to ultimately not have to be on a diet and to be happy and confident in your body.

Now, I definitely think there are times when it is good to switch up what you are eating.  The Whole30 can be great for getting junk out of your system and getting you to a place where you do not obsess about food.  Now at the same time depending who you are and where you are at with things, it can have the opposite effect.  Sometimes following a plan gives people the jump start they need.  Seeing results immediately can swing your momentum in the right direction and encourage you to keep going.  BUT if you are a constant dieter, dieting to lose weight, haven’t felt happy with your body in a while, then maybe you have to do what my friend Janna, with Barre In Your Bedroom would say, “always do the hard thing.”

Don’t be unhappy, on another strict diet plan, eating foods you don’t necessarily enjoy!  Get uncomfortable, do the hard thing and find what works for you for once and for all!  This will take a lot of trial and error.  You won’t notice big changes right away, but you will change your lifestyle and not be looking for the next best diet and in the same spot a year from now.  In the end it will all be worth it! 🙂

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