Cycling Workouts At Home!

I love summer!  Oh how I miss the long days and hot, outdoor workouts!  Yes, I like being so warm that I can barely breath, so this Texas heat is just my style.  But it’s not summer, it’s winter!  Days are cool and short.  Workouts have to be done in the dark, when I’d much rather be curled up watching Greys, drinking hot chocolate or eating chili.  😉

So, one day I started looking for a piece of exercise equipment that was quiet enough for me to do when I was the only one awake and cheap enough for me to not feel guilty about buying.  Years ago I used to teach cycle classes multiple times a week and I loved it.  I can count the number of spin classes I’ve popped into, since I quit teaching in 2012, on one hand.  Originally we were looking for a rower (which I’d still love one day), but then I started checking out the prices on these cycle bikes.  So reasonable!

First I’d like to say Amazon Prime is the best!  The best, go get it now!  I found this cycle bike on Amazon for around $200.  It was rated 4.3 out of 5 stars and had over 1,800 reviews.  It was delivered for free because it is a prime item and only took about 15 minutes to put together.  It is very sturdy!  The only thing that I would change to improve this bike is to make the handlebars shift forward and backwards.  Also, it does not tell you RPM’s, etc.  These are both features that come with a more expensive, yet still very reasonably priced model. When I was teaching, I couldn’t see RPMs or speed so I felt like I didn’t need it now.  If I really want to know how hard I’m pushing I will strap on my heart rate monitor.

I absolutely love having an indoor cardio piece of equipment.  I make up rides to my music or go online and find spin classes.  There is a great app called Peloton where you can purchase one week passes for $5.99 or a monthly subscription for $12.99.  They also let you try it out for free for 14 days.  If you don’t want to pay for a subscription there are also some great youtube workouts you can find for free.  I’ve included one of the YouTube workouts I’ve done below, along with the Amazon link for the bike I have.

I’d love to hear from you!  Let me know what workouts you do at home and how you like cycling!

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike



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