Crap! I Almost Fell Into The Diet Trap Again!! Nooooooo! Part Two

A week later and I am still NOT dieting!  In fact, I came across this video the other day and think it is great!  Shifting my mindset to one of love and respect has made it a lot easier to not diet!  You can’t hate yourself skinny and then expect to feel happy and healthy when you finally see that magic number pop up on the scale.

Dieting is not all about thinking that you need to lose weight, although it can be.  I’m sure you have heard time and time again that eating disorders are often times a need for control.  As I have talked about before, my struggle with feeling I needed to follow a diet plan started with a bikini competition and being on and off so many plans, that I didn’t know what to do if I wasn’t practicing “all or nothing dieting”.  Although I have never had an eating disorder, that way of thinking is extremely unhealthy.  So, whatever your reason for dieting has been in the past, I hope this video helps you to shift your perspective and remember to love yourself exactly how you are now.

Take away messages include:

  • Focus on self respect and self love <3
  • Perceive yourself as whole the way you are now
  • Let self respect be your guide
  • It’s not about looking good.  It’s about being able to share all that you want to share.

The below video is an interview with Gabrielle Bernstein.  I have not read the book they are discussing in the clip, but am almost finished with her book, Add More ~Ing To Your Life.  I really love her message and hope you will find it helpful.  Feel free to watch the entire video, however the part I would like you to focus on is about body image and starts at 5:00 minutes.  Would love to know what you think!  Leave comments below. 🙂

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