CRAP! I Almost Fell Into The Diet Trap Again! Nooooooo!! Part One


Was that a long enough title?? ūüėČ ¬†There are soooo many diets out there! ¬†I literally feel like I’m swimming in diet books when I think of all that is available. ¬†With new diets constantly being published, friends trying new fads, and all the old “tried and true” diets that you know would work if you could just stick to them, it’s easy to fall into the mindset that you “should” be on a plan or sticking to a strict set of rules.

I have been on a lot of meal plans! ¬†Some were more long term. ¬†To me, sticking to a diet for a few months is long term. ¬†Some were short lived, about a week. ¬†I have been on bikini competition diets from multiple coaches. ¬†I followed the 17 Day Diet for months at a time, got off of it and then picked it up and set it back down repeatedly. ¬†I have tried to stick to the Paleo style of eating. ¬†Years ago, I did Body For Life¬†for a while. ¬†I bought the Tone It Up diet plan. ¬†I have more diet books and have probably tried more diets than I’ve listed. ¬†Feel free to throw out a diet in the comments section and I’ll let you know if it is one on the list of diets I’ve tried, but forgot to mention. ūüėČ

In the beginning diets, (as sick as this sounds) are almost fun! ¬†It feels like a fresh start! ¬†You feel motivated by the newness. ¬†It is exciting to see it start working! ¬†I found myself ALMOST falling into the diet trap again, despite the fact I have been “trying my hardest to be done with diets”. ¬†I blogged about that topic a while back.

About a week and a half ago I attended a CrossFit basics course. ¬†For about half an hour during the two days we all sat down and discussed diet.¬†I was surprised to hear that at that particular CrossFit gym they promote The Zone Diet and not Paleo like a lot of CrossFit gyms. ¬†It was interesting to hear about blocks, carb/protein/fat ratios and how the diet works. ¬†It didn’t seem too hard and I’m sure it would work.

Let’s be honest, in my experience, if you follow a diet to the “T” for long enough, you are going to see results. ¬†While you are on it, it will “work”. ¬†The problem with diets is if you want to be viewed as a normal person, without food issues around your family and friends, you will almost always, at some point have to cheat a little. ¬†Maybe it won’t come up till it’s your birthday and you have to say “no thanks” to the cupcake someone gives you as a gift, but eventually there will be cheating involved. ¬†Eventually you may want to come off the diet. ¬†Does anyone ever set out thinking, I’m going to read this book and no matter what, stick to this for the rest of my life? ¬†The worst part of diets is the aftermath! ¬†Most the time there is weight gain and although you may not see it mental issues!

With every single diet I tried I felt a little crazier. ¬†Although they worked and I think diets can be somewhat beneficial, sometimes, for the most part they delayed what I really wanted. ¬†What I really wanted was to feel comfortable around food, not crazy, and most of all to feel good about myself. ¬†Starting a diet and quitting it only made me feel shame, especially when my friends and family knew I was at it again. ¬†I usually try to talk one or two people into it with me. ¬†The ride is more fun when you’re not alone! ūüėČ

So recently, I’ve been eating a little more chocolate than normal and I’ve been going out with friends more on the weekends, which leads to eating out, drinking and feeling like crap. ¬†So what better way to not feel like crap than to “start Monday” with a brand spankin new diet. ¬†So I thought, I’ve never tried The Zone Diet before, let me see how I feel. ¬†I’m going to print the journal sheets out, get my old food scale out, and food prep like a boss for the next week.

I told myself I would only try it out for a week just to see how I felt. ¬†I would only do a week because I didn’t want to feel like a crazy dieter again. ¬†Or, maybe I’d just do it for a few days a week. ¬†I began not only with having a whole list of new rules to follow from the diet itself, but creating my own set to coincide with the diet so I wouldn’t feel crazy. ¬†Listen to all the craziness that was already going on and I hadn’t even started anything yet!

The thought of getting my food scale out and actually weighing and packaging my food in tupperwears felt awful! ¬†Isn’t that what I was trying to get away from? ¬†So, I decided AGAIN, NO MORE DIETS! ¬†Not even for a day!! ¬†I can decide what I want to put in my body and what I don’t at each meal without a strict set of rules. ¬†I am finally feeling when I am hungry and full again. ¬†I am able to say no to the Mega Stuffed Oreos because I’m not trying to eat everything I can’t have before I hurry up and start a meal plan. ¬†I threw away all the journal pages I printed off from The Zone Diet website.

Remember, usually the things worth having take the most work. ¬†Although it seems like work would mean sticking to a strict meal plan and spending hours in the gym, it’s the opposite. ¬†It is taking the time to find what works best for your body and how you can eat to feel your happiest!! ūüôā

Next week I will post Crap! I Almost Fell Into The Diet Trap Again!! Nooooooo! Part Two. ¬†I will share with you a video that helped me and discuss more about how NOT to diet! ¬†Stay tuned! ūüôā ¬†I would love to hear from you! ¬†Please post any thoughts, struggles, dieting stories or questions in the comments below. ¬†Don’t feel comfortable posting in front of everyone? ¬†That is okay! ¬†Shoot me an email at <3

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  1. Kyla says: Reply

    I am trying my hardest to not be on a plan. I’m still working on not beating myself up for having an extra little treat. I’m also struggling with the all or nothing that having a plan gives you. I don’t want to deal with all or nothing because it just makes me feel worse, I feel disgusting when it’s the ‘nothing diet’ and I eat as much junk as I can. And the ‘all diet’ makes me feel deprived after so long on it I’m so glad you are putting this out there. Glad I have someone to lean on and push through the struggles of not being on a plan

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