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  • Diets and Security Blankets

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.  It’s been a year since having our baby and this summer we will be taking a trip to the beach.  After having our daughter, my body did come back to feeling and looking similar to before.  Most of my friends, were like yeah, after a year you […]

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  • Healthy Summer Kick Off!

    If you follow along on facebook, IG or get my emails, you have probably already heard that I’m kicking off summer with a Whole 30 Challenge.  I’m pretty excited because not only am I going to share my experience right here on the blog, but I have a few of my favorite people joining me. […]

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  • My Journey To Choffy

    Have you ever just had that feeling where if you do not take a mental health day and fast, you are going to lose it.  You don’t even know what losing it looks like at that point, but you know you better do something for yourself fast, because you do not feel like you are […]

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  • The Best Wings To Make At Home

    I posted a picture of these wings on my personal Facebook page and on Instagram.  Ever since, I’ve had multiple people ask me for the recipe.  I’ve also come across a handful of friends who are trying Paleo.  Paleo isn’t so hard when you find delicious recipes like this one!!   My husband came across […]

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  • Quick & Easy Dinner

    I have to say I’m living the CAN Train Fitness motto to the fullest these days.  There’s been a lot going on and besides that, I’m pregnant.  Have I told you guys I’m pregnant?  We are so excited!  I’m so excited!  But, I have to tell you, pregnancy this early was quite the surprise and […]

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  • My New Fav Snack

    I would love to do all of my shopping at Whole Foods, but it’s expensive and farther away, so most of the time, it gets done at HEB, which I also really like.  I love finding unexpected, new things that I love when walking down the grocery isle. The other day I spotted this goodness […]

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  • How Angiogenesis May Be The Key To Preventing & Starving Cancer

    Did you know that our bodies are probably forming microscopic cancers all of the time?  Most of the time these cancers never become dangerous since they are unable to grow larger without capilaries that feed them oxygen and nutrients.   So, how come some cancers get out of control?  The answer may be angiogenesis. an·gi·o·gen·e·sis ˌanjēōˈjenəsəs/ […]