Brunch & Burn….. November! ;)

Helllooooo!  So, I’m fully aware that it’s December and the title of this post is Brunch & Burn….November!  My Brunch & Burn buddy, Janna, Owner of Barre In Your Bedroom, had the video made, I had the printable workout done and with all the hustle and bustle of traveling from Omaha to Dallas, crazy long work days, a killer migraine, travel to and from Breckenridge, I hate to say it, but I forgot to post the day after Thanksgiving and it’s just now getting up.  Not the way I wanted it, but hey, it happens.  Maybe some of you are on top of it, saw Janna’s post the Sunday after Thanksgiving and got to work.  Mayyyybe…. some of you were still eating left overs and not ready to get back in the swing of things just yet.  Either way, here it is!  How to Brunch & Burn is listed below!

Step 1) Find a Brunch & Burn Buddy.

Step 2) Go to a fun place, get moving and feel the burn!

Step 3) Head to your favorite spot or try a new place to eat brunch.

My Brunch & Burn Buddy is Janna with @barreinyourbedroom. Each month we will be posting our Brunch & Burn workouts. Follow along with us by clicking the picture below and printing it off or do your own workout. Make sure to take a picture, tag @barreinyourbedroom and @cantrainfitness. Use the #brunchandburn.

BRUNCH & BURN 11.29.15

Remember, you can always modify this workout!  No shame in switching it up, just get out and feel good about doing something active!! 🙂 Would love to hear what you are doing for your Brunch & Burns! Comment below or send me an email telling me about your workout and what you ate for brunch! 🙂

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