April *Friday Favorites* Week Two!


This week, I’m very excited to announce that my Friday Favorite is the Organize Your Gorgeous Chaos Daily Action Planner!  I purchased the 30 day one and have been using it for the past few weeks.  I absolutely LOVE it!  It really helps me to stay organized and get stuff done!  You can order a 30 or 90 day planner.  I think I may get the 90 day for my next one.

Why I love this planner…

  • There is a 30 day option, so you do not have to commit and pay the price of a yearly planner.
  • Cute colors.
  • Tons of room for notes.
  • It has a blank monthly calendar.
  • Two pages to organize every day!
  • A place for notes, frogs, ships, etc — all which are explained in the beginning of the planner and will help you to think differently and become more organized. 🙂

Visit the website for more details and to check out the inside.


For a chance to win this planner and ALL of the April Friday Favorites, make sure to sign up for CAN Train Fitness email list at the right of this page.  After you are registered, shoot me an email answering one of the following questions.  You may enter for a chance to win every week!  You have until Sunday at midnight to send the email.  GOOD LUCK! 🙂

1) How do you stay organized?

2) How often do you workout at home?

3) What is one thing you are struggling with lately?

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