Own & Accomplish Your Fears Part II


Sooooo, I tried out the new Crossfit gym that I talked about last week!  I walked in and one of the first things the owner asked me was, “are you nervous”?  Maybe I looked super nervous just walking in there.  I said, “I always get a little nervous the first time I go anywhere.”

Earlier, as I was driving to Crossfit that morning I started thinking to myself.  This is so silly that I get this nervous/excitement to go to things like this.  It is just trying out a new gym, doing things I have done before!  Then I thought… actually, this is what life is about!  Nervous excitement IS THE BEST!  Life would be soooo boring without it!  It is so much more fun to have that little flutter in your stomach from trying new things, than to just sit at home on the couch super comfortable, yet super bored and unfulfilled.  Think of all the things that you were nervous/excited for and how most of them turned out great.  If you don’t get nervous about things that means that you are not doing anything new, which means you are probably going to regret a few things and who wants to do that?!  Things can be so much worse in our heads!  We sometimes imagine things to be scary or different than they are going to be.  This is where the ASSuME quote applies.  I think most of us know what that is.

CrossFit went great!  I knew it would even though I get a little nervous.  In the last post I wrote five reasons why CrossFit scares me.  I was assuming that this gym would be like a couple of the other CrossFit gyms I have tried, but I was wrong!  So, here are my five reasons from last post and what I actually learned once I went.

1) There is nothing like it.  There is no real way to prepare for CF except to go to CF!  So, this is kind of true, however I was not as sore as I thought I was going to be.  So if you are used to working out, you are somewhat prepared. 😉

2) There is no such thing as quitting.  You will finish, even if it is 20 minutes later, with everyone watching you, with tears rolling down your cheeks.  Ok, I have to admit that I definitely over-exagerated on this one!  But again, when we are a little scared of something we sometimes build it up to be way worse than it is.  This gym actually encourages you to not go all out at first!  The instructor even recommended that for at least the first month you cut all of the workouts in half.  Very different from what I have experienced at other gyms!

3) SNATCH!!!!! Again, not so scary!  The instructor who taught us to do this lift was great!  He actually had us start with this olympic lift and work backwards towards the easier ones.  I loved that!  It made it so much easier for me to understand.  Sometimes when lifts are broken down too much I get caught up in the counting or order and it throws me off.  Learning this way made snatching fun! 🙂

4) I hate puking and it makes me want to.  Again, maybe I was being a little dramatic?  This is true when you push yourself really hard, sometimes you can feel a little sick.  But the truth is I have never puked from working out.  I talked with my friend, Christy, on the phone earlier today and she said I can’t believe you wrote that (talking about my last blog).  Now that I am going over this and comparing, I kind of see what she meant. LOL!

5) I can’t do half of the CF moves. This is still true.  However, I learned so many new ways to modify that I know I am going to have fun learning.  Instead of looking at things as hard, we should practice looking at things as a challenges and get excited to tackle them.  I can’t do a pull-up or a ring dip today, but I know if I keep working at it I will get it someday and that day is going to be awesome! 🙂  Sometimes things are more fun when you have to work for them! 

Here are the takeaways:

  • Do not procrastinate!  It only increases fear by allowing you to make up false, scary stories in your head.
  • The longer you procrastinate the more dramatic you may become.
  • If there is something you want to try, GO DO IT ASAP!
  • Be okay with where you are right now.  Actually, be more than okay, be proud of where you are today and the fact that you are working towards something that you want to do.
  • Embrace and enjoy every bit of nervous/excitement you get.  It is one of the things that makes life fun!
  • Own your fears!  It is okay to be nervous and scared as long as you don’t let it stop you from doing something you want to do.
  • Try new things!  Lots of them!  No regrets!!
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