About Jess

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Thank you so much for visiting my website!  I am really glad you are here.  I hope you will be able to learn from, laugh at and relate to my blog.  Please feel free to email me anytime with questions, thoughts, suggestions, etc.  I would love to hear from you!


I have a B.S. in Corporate Recreation and Wellness and a M.S. in Applied Health Sciences from Northwest Missouri State University.  I am an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Health Fitness Specialist and Cancer Exercise Trainer.  I began personal training and teaching group exercise in 2006.  After working in Corporate Health for a few years I transitioned to Health Educator, health coaching individuals with chronic conditions.  In 2009 my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  This added to the long list of family members who had already been diagnosed with some type of Cancer.  A combination of my mom’s diagnosis and speaking with  members daily who have been diagnosed with Cancer, but have been given no recommendations on diet and exercise has motivated me to work with others who have been diagnosed with this disease.  Working with individuals who have been diagnosed with Cancer has become a specialty of mine, however CAN Train Fitness is not just for people diagnosed with Cancer.


CAN Train Fitness is for anyone who…

  • is embarrassed of where they are
  • doesn’t know how to get started
  • is struggling with something (chocolate addiction, grief, the snooze button, Depression, self-consciousness, emotional eating)
  • wants to feel they can do more than they ever thought possible
  • can’t figure out why they can’t “just do it”
  • takes care of others but not themselves
  • wants to feel better

There are so many road blocks and reasons to not give yourself the proper care and attention you need and deserve.  Instead of beating yourself up for not being where you think you “should” be, it is okay to acknowledge you may be struggling with things.  We ALL are!  CAN Train Fitness is for building strength through struggle by focusing on what you are Capable of Accomplishing Now.  No matter where you are at there is always something you CAN do.  This may be simply taking 10 minutes to gather your thoughts and relax, getting in a 20 minute workout or choosing not to instantly grab a king sized Hershey’s bar next time your day becomes stressful.

CAN Train Fitness is a place where it is ok to feel vulnerable and not have it all together.  There is only one thing to focus on and that is what you are Capable of Accomplishing Now.  If you continue to focus on that one thing before you know it you are capable of accomplishing more than you ever thought you could! 🙂