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  • Diets and Security Blankets

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.  It’s been a year since having our baby and this summer we will be taking a trip to the beach.  After having our daughter, my body did come back to feeling and looking similar to before.  Most of my friends, were like yeah, after a year you […]

  • Whole 30
  • Whole30 Update

    I’ve been thinking of writing this post for a few weeks now.  To be honest on one hand I feel pretty guilty and on the other hand I’m fine with it.  As you know, we have been doing a Whole30 Summer Kickoff Challenge at CAN Train Fitness.  Everyday I was posting a tip and also […]

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  • Summer Kick Off Whole30 Day 8 Tip

    I don’t hate cooking, but with a baby I’m even more about quick and easy than I was before.  So, in the interest of saving time and being able to do other things like workout, wash a million baby bottles, and shower, I will sometimes grab pre-cut veggies and fruit.  I used to grab food […]